Spray Coating – Walls, Roofs and Shopfronts

Spray Coating - Walls, Roofs and Shopfronts

Corrugated metal cladding on shopfronts and business premises can appear tatty if they aren’t maintained properly. The original powder coating can flake off or fade creating a poor impression of your business, as well as undermining your building’s integrity.  It can ultimately effect the structure of the metal substrate, allowing damp seepage in to the building, expensive construction repairs and possible downtime for your business. Rust and corrosion of metal cladding are problems that can be easily remedied by Maincoat Ltd., fuss free.

A new coating sprayed onto existing cladding will result in a uniform finish that will give the whole building a new lease of life. The top layer will make the cladding panels last much longer, avoiding the need for replacement of metalwork for years to come. A single elevation can be recoated if it has weathered more quickly than other façades or we can respray the whole building, as required.

Maincoat Ltd. are regularly contracted to respray a number of commercial units on an industrial estate for a consistent look for our commercial property owner clients.

Key Cladding Painting & Coating Benefits Include:

  • We use a variety of cladding painting systems to suit your budget or specification.
  • 10 year guarantee on all cladding painting projects.
  • We can restore façades to pre-rental conditions.
  • We clean, repair and re-coat wall cladding, roofs, skylights and gutters.
  • Complete building envelope restoration.
  • Our specialist cladding refurbishment teams will ensure your building is brought back to life using both effective and sustainable cladding coating and painting products.

Contact a member of our team today to identify your next best steps to restoring your cladding or industrial building. Get peace of mind with our specialist advice by calling today on: 01772 679 680 Alternatively, leave us your questions here and Maincoat will call back at your convenience.

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