Overcladding – Fibre Cement / Asbestos Work

Overcladding - Fibre Cement / Asbestos Work

Over cladding is the simplest and most cost effective way of transforming any building. Irrespective of materials your premises is constructed from, you can make your buildings look like new with very little, if any impact upon the daily running of your business.

Where an asbestos based corrugated roof has come to the end of its economic life, rather than replacing it, it may be safer and more cost effective to leave the sheets containing asbestos in-situ and to over-clad them, by installing a cavity forming spacer to the existing structure. Asbestos overcalling is ideal if you want to upgrade and make your roof watertight without disturbing your existing structure, especially if you wish your business to continue operating whilst our work is being carried out.

Asbestos over-cladding is a cost effective roof refurbishment process that will provide you with a new aesthetically pleasing, weather tight roof. Ask us about what you can expect in terms of costs and impacts to your working environment and we think we can put your mind at ease at what can pose potential anxiety for any business with the welfare of their staff and visitors at heart.

The Benefits of Overcladding Your Building

  • Minimal disruption to the working day of your commercial or industrial building is just one advantage of using over-cladding to renew your roofing system, building owners can harness the following benefits thanks to over-cladding.
  • Improved insulation and energy efficiency ensuring your building stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter months
  • Increased lifespan of your existing roof system with an additional protective ‘second skin’
  • Cheaper alternative to expensive full roof replacement
  • Enhanced appearance, with a range of colours, designs and finishes available
  • Better ventilation thanks to external skin, supportive structure, ventilation cavity and insulating layer
  • Reduced maintenance costs for years to come with lower condensation risk, thermal bridging and corrosion.

If you have concerns about asbestos roofing at your commercial premises, please get in touch and let us put your mind at ease with professional solutions that meet with your obligations and offer a realistic, cost-effective and safe roofing solution for your business anywhere in the U.K.

Ask us about your particular roofing requirements or get specialist advice by calling our team today on: 01772 679 680 Alternatively, leave us your questions here and one of our experts will contact you at your convenience.

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