Metal Cladding Refurbishment

Metal Cladding Refurbishment

Maincoat have a wealth of experience in providing flexible and tailored roofing and cladding solutions for various business premises types.  Maincoat Ltd business clients come from across a wide sector, including: food, retail, manufacturers, pharmaceutical, local authorities, hospitals to name only a few.

As refurbishment contractors we understand the requirement for effective planning, programming and close liaison with our clients throughout the course of you project.  We provide on-going advice, up-dates, practical solutions and high quality specifications, tailored to suit our clients’ specific requirements.

We offer a FREE site survey and preparation of a report and recommended costed specification, which can also include photographic detail of roofing defects, so you are equipped to make the best decision for your business premises.

We operate across the North West England, Greater Manchester and extend our services across the U.K. for specialist roofing, cladding and associated services.  We are an approved contractor for many of the leading sheeting and cladding manufacturers.

Cladding Cleaning

We are specialists in cladding cleaning. Maincoat Ltd are experienced cladding cleaners with knowledge of the full range of on-site systems and processes to treat any circumstances. This service can dramatically restore your industrial and commercial building facades. Enhancement to the appearance of your premises gives your customers the best impression of your business, even before they meet you, highly valued by our regular clients. Our new clients are often unaware of the significance of how dirt and grime build up over time can weaken aluminum or steel cladding panels through corrosion. This exposes your business to greater risk and can result in the higher cost of having to be replaced earlier than expected.

With our contracted regular specialist cladding cleaning service, you can dramatically extend the life of your cladding and reduce long term business overheads (if you’ll pardon the pun!) Regular cleaning of cladding also prevents permanent discoloration, keeping your building looking new and your business professional.

If you are leasing commercial premises, cladding cleaning and restoration can make up part of the dilapidations report from your landlord when leaving your business premises. Our cladding cleaning service circumvents any of these unforeseen removal costs. We can work out of hours to suit you and your business, because we understand the importance of the smooth running of your operations when an emergency occurs. All our operatives work in a professional and safe manner and will consult with you as to how to best carry out our services to best suit you, your premises and your efficient operations. Please ask us if you have any specific queries or would like to be quoted for work. You will find our pricing reasonable and competitive and our customer service friendly and informative. 

Cut Edge Corrosion

Roof sheeting can be damaged or corrode over time, leading to health and safety issues, leaks and even security risks. A variety of problems can be prevented by taking pre-emptive measures, such as carrying out routine maintenance surveys upon cladding and roof panelling.

Cut edge corrosion and peeling back of coating is often a symptom of an ageing roof and can be easily rectified by Maincoat roofing experts.  Our edge lap treatment can treat the corrosion and prolong the life of the existing roof sheets.

Left untreated, corrosion can eat into the metal cladding, putting your staff at risk from weaknesses in the building structure and water can enter the building, creating business down-time.  This corrosive condition of cladding can deteriorate rapidly and affect the value of the building, to say nothing of increasing maintenance and repair costs dramatically. Regular maintenance surveys can pay for themselves in preventing these long term roofing costs.

We undertake hundreds of projects each and every year, all of which we are proud to say offer a high quality and competitively priced service to our clients. We do not cut corners and pay attention to detail and always have customer focus at the centre of what we do. Maincoat Ltd is proud to be a market leader in the industrial roofing sector and our unrivalled level of service offers the latest technical procedures, management disciplines and products, catering to installation, repair and maintenance projects, large and small.

Bolt Heads

Bolt Heads are used for fixing roof and wall cladding sheets to angle iron or concrete purlins.  There are various lengths available and we can also supply any size or shape of bolt heads to suit your roofing. 

Replacement of Roof Lights

Create a safe and productive working environment for your team with our speedy and efficient roof light repair and maintenance services. Using the latest installation techniques and selected materials, our experienced contractors here at Maincoat Ltd. can boost the natural light in your building and prolong the life of your industrial roofing system.

Reduce the cost of your lighting and increase natural light levels by remedying dis-coloured and damaged roof-lights. Our glass reinforced polyester resin or GRP roof lights can diffuse light and eliminate glare within your industrial unit.

We also provide a roof light replacement service to improve the profile of your roofing system. Using a selection of leading manufacturers we can find a suitable replacement for existing and discontinued profiles, whether you have an asbestos cement or metal roof system.

Ask us about your particular roofing requirements or get specialist advice by calling our team today on: 01772 679 680 Alternatively, leave us your questions here and one of our experts will contact you at your convenience.

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