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Anti-Slip System

Despite your best health and safety practices, falls and slips are still commonplace in the work environment. Problem areas include, walkways, steps, wash down areas and traffic aisles. Anti-slip floor coatings will reduce the risk of costly industrial accidents and provide peace of mind in the workplace, especially for less able bodied members of staff.

Maincoat Ltd work with a wide range of floor coating products and anti-slip floor coating systems that deliver durable and attractive finishes to the most demanding of industrial environments. Our experienced floor coating specialists will work closely with you to ensure your flooring needs are achieved with minimum disruption or down time to business.

Anti-Vandal System

Anti-graffiti coatings can be invisible to the naked eye. Maincoat Ltd. offer two different categories of anti-graffiti coatings, specifically:

  • Sacrificial coatings are applied to a surface and then removed when graffiti is applied. The surface underneath will be left clean and a new sacrificial coating can be applied.
  • Permanent coatings that prevent graffiti from adhering to a surface in the first place.

Whist we cannot prevent buildings being vandalized with graffiti, Maincoat Ltd. will work closely with you to recommend the most effective and cost efficient anti graffiti coatings to prevent ongoing permanent damage to your building or structures.

Hygene Systems

Paint products and technology have moved on in recent years. The introduction of anti-bacterial coatings that inhibit growth of bacteria, fungi and combat corrosive chemicals are common-place, but poorly understood by businesses. These can not only enhance the look and feel of a building, they are ideal for industries such as healthcare and food manufactures.

These repellant paints deliver high performance effects and increase durability in sensitive environments where maintaining hygiene standards and regulations are crucial.

Maincoat Ltd. are approved contractors and suppliers for a wide range of specialist coating products. We can offer advice and solutions that will deliver high quality protective and hygienic results for your project.

We apply anti-bacterial coatings for a range of environments, including:

  • Hospitals and healthcare centres
  • Care homes
  • Schools and education centres
  • Restaurants
  • Food and beverage manufacturers
  • Leisure Centres
  • Other – please ask

Commercial Chemical Containment

Chemical spills can wreck havoc on the environment, staff and can spell dramatic legal implications for a company. Chemical containment is a method of safeguarding work areas. Our products support a primary containment system and prevent unplanned or unauthorized releases of toxic or hazardous materials into the environment.

Chemical containment systems from Maincoat Ltd will help protect floors and walls from caustic, acid and other aggressive chemical attacks, reducing risks and keeping down costs.

Installations are trowel or spray-applied, using approved equipment and methods, typically over a basecoat primer. Selection of approved and appropriate products is based on chemical exposure and other conditions, according to our assessment we carry out in collaboration with your key operational staff. Solutions may include epoxy, novolac, polyester and vinyl ester.

Our professional training is on-going, to remain abreast of best practice in all of our chemical containment work. Maincoat safety measures are extensive, including proper personal protection equipment, application of treatments and certification for confined-space entry.

Maincoat also provide professional inspection services for old or installed coatings and linings in primary or secondary containments and can advise on cost-effective and safe solutions.

Blind Lining

We install coatings and linings for secondary containment, for environmental, structural and personnel protection, under tanks and to protect interior and exterior surfaces from tank rupture and leaks, weathering and corrosion.

Our close association with material suppliers and in-depth consultation with your, our client, helps us select the right system for your containment and safety needs. The materials we install are environmentally safe and conform to all industry and environmental standards.

For more information on Maincoat chemical containment services across the North West, Greater Manchester and around the U.K., call us with your particular queries and we will supply a solution that fits your particular circumstances and budget.

Contact a member of our team today for advice on our safety products for industrial buildings. Get peace of mind with our specialist advice here: 01772 679 680 Alternatively, leave us your questions here and Maincoat will call back at your convenience.

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